A Luxurious Stay at the Heart of Convenience

At Kaypees Grande, being in a strategic location near Lulu Mall, is a benefit in providing unparalleled convenience to our guests. As a luxury hotel near Lulu Mall, we redefine the concept of convenience, seamlessly blending it with the ease of access to one of the region’s premier shopping and entertainment destinations. In this blog by Kaypees Grande, explore the unmatched convenience offered by Kaypees Grande.

The Definition of Proximity 

Kaypees Grande is your best luxury hotel strategically positioned near Lulu Mall. The proximity to this iconic shopping destination ensures that our guests experience unparalleled convenience. Whether you are a traveller eager to explore shopping or a business professional seeking a professional and refined stay, our location places you at the heart of it all. For business travellers, Kaypees Grande is designed to cater to the unique needs of professionals. Our facilities and services are crafted to meet the demands of business executives, offering a blend of comfort, sophistication, and efficient amenities. Business travellers can conduct their business affairs with ease and unwind in the lap of luxury, all within the most visited tourist places in Kochi.

A Distinctive Experience

Edappally becomes even more enchanting with the presence of luxury hotels like Kaypees Grande. When you book a stay at Kaypees Grande, you can explore a variety of places in the convenience of staying at our hotel. We redefine luxury in Edappally, offering an exquisite ambience, world classrooms and personalized services that set us apart as a distinctive choice among luxury hotels in the area. Whether you are exploring the diverse shopping options at Lulu Mall or attending crucial business meetings, Kaypees Grande serves as the perfect choice, allowing you to make the most of your stay in Edappally. Kaypees Grande’s is all about accessibility. Our guests enjoy the convenience of easily reaching not only Lulu Mall but also other key attractions, business places, and cultural landmarks in Kochi. 


Kaypees Grande transcends the definition of luxury rooms in Kochi near Lulu Mall. We are architects of memorable stays, curating experiences that reflect the essence of Edappally’s vibrancy. Whether you are in Kochi for business or vacation, our commitment to convenience, luxury, and personalized service ensures that your stay at Kaypees Grande becomes a cherished memory. Stay with us and discover the joy of indulging in luxury while being at the centre of it all.