Ernakulam Hotel Rooms

Kaypees Grande is offering the best services and better convenience for clients. With excellence in providing services and maintaining the quality and stability in services, we had attained a better position as a leading hotel. We are inclined to provide you excellent services like excellent food, neat and clean spaces and helping you to stay good with best amenities. When you arew looking for Ernakulam hotel rooms, Kaypees Grande is a best option as we are excellent in keeping our guests satisfied. Here we are discussing few features that makes Kaypees Grande a very suitable hotel for customers.

Simple Booking

We understand that booking a hotel should be an easy procedure whether you do it online, over the phone, or through a travel agent. If you have inquiries, changes to your original reservation, or special requests, it should be simple to get in touch with an informed, kind individual. Everything else should be avoided.

Fast and Friendly First Contact

Your initial impression of a hotel tells you a lot about the kind of place you’re staying, whether you enter the lobby or pull up to the entrance.

The valet, doorman, and bellman are a guest’s first points of contact with the hotel. These employees must convey a sense of welcome through their words, smiles, and body language. Instead of looking for a gratuity, they ought to be delighted to assist customers. Kaypees Grande is excellent in bring out such services for the clients and now the best hotel in Kochi.

Genuinely Cheerful, Helpful and Knowledgeable Staff

There’s a fundamental distinction between phoney cheerfulness and genuine friendliness. Excellent hotels hire people with intuitive qualities: attentive, sympathetic, compassionate, and amusing. Guests will look for those who quietly make guests feel at home and important.

Good employees can avoid having to refer you to someone else when you have a simple inquiry by being familiar with the facility and the area in which they work.

Distinctive, Well-appointed Guest Rooms

Better resorts and hotels set themselves out from budget and mid-range chains, for example, with unique accents and features that let you feel the local flavour. Kaypees Grande is the leading with all amenities in hotel industry and is offering best hotel rooms in Kochi. Selection of regional pleasures including nibbles and other goodies are also included, along with top-notch bath and beauty items. Expect a safe, plenty of closet and drawer space, plush hangers, complimentary bottled water, robes and slippers, and an iPod dock.

On-site Services that are Delightful

Of course, the guest rooms are important to a wonderful hotel experience, but what really distinguishes outstanding hotels is the variety and calibre of amenities that make your stay memorable without requiring an upgrade to “club-level”. The list of such services include a social lobby, referral services for babysitting, pet sitting, etc., laundry, room service and more.

Offering Variety of Foods and Drinks

Even if you are planning to have a most of your meals outside the hotel. Having a solid reputation for on-site restaurants is a good indicator for a hotels overall quality. Kaypees Grande maintains a good hotel reputation by providing best sorts of foods with different flavours all around the world.

Quick Resolution of Problems

Giving quick resolution is where the hotels shine usually. At Kaypees Grande, we will engage with guests who are facing some problem and will clear it as soon as possible. Thus, became a leading one among the business hotels in Kochi.