Hotels in Kochi

We know hotels are meant to serve us best services like convenience, luxury, place to relax and more. Customers always need and expect best services from the hotels. Kaypees Grande is providing utmost convenience and luxury services to the clients. This has made us popular as a leading hotel. Kaypees Grande is one of the best hotels in Kochi to give best hospitality services to the customers.

Offering Luxury at Affordable Cost

Luxury, as you might have thought is not costly always. Kaypees Grande is bringing you a new phase of luxury hotel at affordable price. Here you can enjoy your time at the best with the well-designed interiors of our hotel. There are suit rooms and deluxe room which are well maintained and kept hygienically. This will definitely be a best place to feel in luxury and stay in luxury at Kochi.

The quality in services and maintenance has made Kaypees Grande a favourite hotel for many people both from the country and from different foreign countries. Over the time, Kaypees Grande has become popular as one of the best luxury hotels in Kochi. Here you can stay in luxury and feel more luxurious at Kochi.

Convenience that you Need

As the Kaypees Grande is located at Edappally, that too within few minutes difference from the Edappally junction, it has become convenient for many purposes. People visit Kochi for different purposes like business meetings and conferences, family functions, vacations, shopping and much more. Staying at Kaypees Grande has proven much helpful due to its location. It is just few feet away from the popular Lulu Mall and thus a popular commercial location to stay for business related needs.

Convenience is not only in the sense of getting convenience to travel, but also getting access to several needed services. Different sorts of services like hospital, shopping, cinema halls, party halls, entertainments, etc. are also closely available at Kaypees Grande. This makes Kaypees Grande a worthy place to stay when you are on your visit to Kochi for any sorts of requirements. Thus, Kaypees Grande is one of the leading hotel in Edappally offering you a best time here at affordable rates.

Your Comfortable Space to Stay

Being comfortable at a hotel or hotel room meant a lot. Most of the people expect great comfort and relaxing vibe at the hotel. This is what they will require when they are on a trip or in a purpose to have some business meeting. At Kaypees Grande, we offer you ultimate comfort with well maintained interiors and high standard hospitality services. The excellence in offering best services and comfortable spaces to stay had made Kaypees Grande popular. Over around a decade of luxury, Kaypees Grande has become one of the best hotels in Kochi to stay.