Business Hotels in Kochi

The world today is festooned by a wide variety of businesses. As businesses have grown in leaps and bounds, many mainstream hotels have begun providing facilities for businessmen. Every business need is now possible- from conducting meetings and conferences in well-maintained and comfortable conference rooms to attending a meeting in the comfort of one’s private space. All the facilities that a businessman requires are available in wonderful business hotels in Kochi like Kaypees Grande. Your business days are going to be more convenient with your stay in top business hotels.

What Makes a Hotel a Business Hotel?

Business hotels can be differentiated from vacation hotels by the facilities they provide. Let us see some features that every good business hotel has:


One of the common factors that all business hotels have is their notable location. It is the striking factor that attracts businessmen. Business hotels are ideally located in the heart of a city or town. This location ensures that the hotel is surrounded by all the facilities that a person would require. At Kaypees Grande, one of the best business hotels near Lulu Mall, you can enjoy some great business days. The location of top business hotels will be most likely to be near the airports or railway stations. Keypees Grande is located in the heart of Kochi and gives easy access to the Cochin International Airport. It is surrounded by the top restaurants, shopping centers, multi-specialty hospitals, railway stations, and whatnot!

Wifi Connectivity

Hotels that facilitate businesses are business hotels and wifi connectivity is an inevitable part of such hotels. An uninterrupted and fast wifi connection will ensure that online conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. can be conducted efficiently and smoothly, without any network interruptions. Thus business hotels provide good wifi connectivity most of the time.

Conference Halls

Meeting rooms or conference halls are an unavoidable aspect of business hotels. Any business meeting is not just a discussion of business matters. It also speaks volumes about the efficiency of the businessman to arrange the meeting place with the best of facilities. Kaypees Grande provides beautiful and neat conference venues that ensure that your meetings are conducted in an elegant as well as in smooth manner. Ours being one of the prominent luxury hotels in Kochi makes sure that all your business needs are met. The business hotels also take care of the confidentiality of the meetings.

Working Atmosphere and Room Service

Business hotels will cater to the needs of the guests and will also provide a desk in the room for business-related purposes. A miniature working atmosphere is created in the room that enables one to research, study, prepare and work. Realizing the busy nature of the businessmen, the hotels provide top room service facilities to the guests. This section of the hotel ensures that the guests receive their drinks and food in their rooms. The dishes will be appropriately arranged and decorated on a room service tray or even a table. The guests are even provided a rolling room service table which they can use according to their convenience.