Essential Features of Business Hotels


Kaypees Grande understands the distinct needs of corporate travellers and offers unmatched amenities and services in our rooms in Edappally, positioning us among the finest business hotels in Edappally. Catering to the preferences of business travellers requires a keen understanding of their requirements, and we prioritize these essentials in our services and facilities.

The Backbone of Productivity

A paramount necessity for business travellers is seamless connectivity. Our rooms are equipped with high speed internet facilities, ensuring that our guests remain connected at all times. Whether for virtual meetings, research, or communication, our robust Wi-Fi ensures uninterrupted connectivity. Therefore we ensure that your meetings will not be facing any technical issues. At Kaypees Grande we are elevating corporate stays by providing exceptional services.

Enhancing Work Efficiency

Kaypees Grande provides well equipped business centres, serving as dedicated spaces for work related tasks. As one of the best business hotels in Kochi these centres with modern amenities, allowing guests to conduct business seamlessly or organize impromptu meetings. Convenient locations play an important role in the success of our Hotel. Being at the heart of Edappally, we ensure the accessibility and ease of travel to any destination. Our strategic locations in Edappally make us an ideal choice among business hotels. Being easily accessible from transportation hubs and major business centres ensures that our guests can navigate the city with ease, saving valuable time during their stay.

At Kaypees Grande we provide spaces for professional engagements. We understand the significance of having well designed and functional meeting rooms. Being one of the best hotels in Edappally, we offer meeting spaces equipped with audiovisual aids, catering to the needs of corporate gatherings, conferences, or presentations. You can effortlessly perform a seminar and present your documents at ease.

Comfort and relaxation are the essential things that are needed for every individual after a long day. After a busy day of meetings and engagements, comfort and relaxation are crucial. Our rooms will definitely provide a serene and comfortable ambience, offering amenities such as plush bedding, ergonomic workspaces, and tranquil surroundings, ensuring a peaceful rest for our guests. Also at Kaypees Grande, we pride ourselves on personalized service and attention to detail. Our staff is trained to anticipate and cater to the specific needs of business travellers, ensuring that every stay is comfortable, productive, and memorable.


At Kaypees Grande, we stand out among business hotels in Kochi for its commitment to providing top quality amenities, services, and facilities tailored to the discerning needs of corporate travelers. Our rooms will cater to the essentials that elevate the corporate stay experience, making us the preferred choice for business trips.