Luxury Accommodation and Facilities

Are you travelling to kochi and looking for a comfortable stay near the Lulu Mall? Here’s why Kaypee’s Grande , should be your first choice. From country house elegance to contemporary chic, there is a fabulous choice of luxury accommodation in the heart of kochi. With a traditional viewpoint and unmatched services and amenities, we skillfully present our visitors with unforgettable and distinctive experiences. We provides bespoke luxuries and amenities for our guests to have a legendary experience and time with us. This make us as one of the best luxury hotels in Kochi.


At Kaypee’s Grande, we value your comfort and privacy. We have paid attention to the little details and have created a relaxing space where you can enjoy your relaxing stay.

We offer perfect get aways for you to relax, unwind and retreat our hotel resonate. Our hotel resonate richness with luxurious details, timeless elegance and impeccable hospitality. The distinctive style with which you get to plan your stay with us will redefine luxury for you.

Let’s see some of the distinctive features of Kaypee’s Grande that make us you preferred choice in kochi.


Our hotel is close to nearly every important monuments and building of the city and give you the liberty and ease of commuting without any hassle.

Style And Character

We are a modern hotel chain ensuring exquisite interiors and exteriors to our guests and we unfold the finest lifestyle experience for you with an intrinsic blend of elegance and comfort.

Luxurious Accommodation

People look for extreme comfort and pleasure while visiting a hotel. Our set of rooms and suites are designed with numerous luxurious and contemporary amenities. The room is intended to provide the visitors with much more than just a wonderful sleeping experience.

Service And Facilities

We provide excellent facilities and services with our dedicated team and our services and facilities are unmatched and impeccable in every aspect. .The indoor, as well as outdoor, areas of the hotel are flanked with well-equipped accommodations.

Unmatched Hospitality

Each one of our guests is as valuable to us as the other, and we make sure to curate their stay in the most impeccable and hospitable manner. We ensure that our guests are experiencing the highest level of courtesy, comfort, clam and relaxation.

Food And Drinks

Our in-house restaurant offers you delectable dishes curated by our expert chefs. We never fail to delight our guest with an exquisite menu and savouring treats. You can experience our international service standards with world-class chefs, a tempting dining experience and delectable food.

Unique Experiences

Our hotel help you celebrate the most memorable day of your life with an exclusive relaxing stay with our delicious food options. Our chefs curate a special menu for you and your loved ones on a culinary delight.

Apart from these, our hotel offers serene and exquisite premises for our guests to enjoy a memorable and soothing time in kochi. The irresistible charm and incredible beauty of our marvelous and beautiful hotel will steal your heart. We are also the top business hotels in Kochi.