Luxury Stay at Budget Friendly Rates

Luxury and affordability is a combination that everyone would look for in everything. In that a luxury state with affordable rates is not a surprise. In a city like Kochi, where stays are as memorable as the time outside, looking for a comfortable and luxurious stay is crucial. Kaypees Grande, as one of the premier hotels in Kochi, we are dedicated to provide our customers an unforgettable experience marked by supreme comfort, service, and competitive rates. Discover why Kaypees Grande stands out as a top choice for a luxury stay at a budget friendly rate.

Luxury Hotel at Your Convenience

As a city known for its vibrant culture, history, landmarks, flavours, shoping streets, beaches and backwaters, Kochi welcomes travelers from all over the world. To cater to the likes of these visitors, many luxury hotels have flourished in the city. Kaypees Grande stands out among the luxury hotels in Kochi with its commitment to providing guests with outstanding experiences without breaking the bank. Our hotel takes pride in offering rooms and amenities that meet the highest standards of comfort and quality. We also ensure that they are accessible to a wider range of travelers. With competitive rates that are tailored to suit different budgets, Kaypees Grande proves that a luxury stay in Kochi doesn’t have to be extravagant. By providing affordable rates, our hotel aims to make luxury accommodation accessible to everyone.

Best in the Business

For business travelers visiting Kochi, Kaypees Grande is the ideal choice. As one of the best business hotels in Kochi, we understand the unique requirements of business travelers and offer a range of amenities for their needs. With well appointed conference rooms, high speed internet connectivity, and a dedicated business center, Kaypees Grande provides a conducive environment for meetings, seminars, and conferences. The efficient and professional staff are always on hand to assist with any business related requirements, ensuring a seamless experience for guests. The staff at Kaypees Grande prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to exceed expectations. The commitment to delivering personalized service sets the hotel apart from others in Kochi.


Kaypees Grande is an example of how luxury and affordability can coexist in the hotel industry. As one of the top luxury hotels in Kochi, the hotel takes pride in providing guests with a truly luxury experience at budget friendly rates. With our service, rooms, and amenities that cater to both leisure and business travelers, Kaypees Grande ensures that every guest feels pampered and valued. Kaypees Grande promises a memorable stay in Kochi without compromising on luxury.