Perfect Partner for Meetings and Travel Bliss

Kaypees Grande is a top choice for a holiday or any occasion. Here hospitality meets affordability, and your comfort takes center stage. Let us share with you the unparalleled convenience that our budget hotels in Kochi offer, especially when it comes to arranging meetings and providing comprehensive tour and travel services.

Affordable Excellence

Our rooms in Edappally redefine the concept of a comfortable stay that does not break your travel budget. At Kaypees Grande, we provide a luxurious experience at an affordable rate, setting us apart from others. We are proud to offer a blend of affordability and excellence, ensuring your stay is both cost-effective and indulgent. For those seeking a touch of luxury without the hefty price tag, Kaypees Grande stands out among luxury hotels. Our upscale experience at budget-friendly rates makes us the go-to choice for travelers who value both luxury and practicality.

Seamless Hosting of Events

Arranging meetings in a budget-friendly setting is no longer a compromise for you. Consider it the smart choice you would ever make. At Kaypees Grande, our conference facilities cater to corporate meetings and intimate events like birthday parties and engagement programs. Our team ensures stress-free events that are not only productive and enjoyable but also leave a lasting impression.

One of the distinct advantages of hotels in Kochi, like Kaypees Grande, is the personalized attention you receive. Our staff is dedicated to making your stay comfortable and your events memorable. We understand that every meeting or event has unique requirements, and our team is adept at our services to meet your specific needs.

Tour and Travel Packages

Beyond meetings, Kaypees Grande takes pride in offering comprehensive tour and travel services. Explore the rich culture of Kochi without worrying about breaking the bank. Our budget-friendly approach extends to travel services, ensuring that you can experience the beauty of the city without compromising on your budget. Kaypees Grande is located in Edappally, providing easy access to major attractions, business hubs, and transportation facilities. Our central location ensures that you can make the most of your stay, whether it is for business or leisure.

In the realm of budget hotels, Kaypees Grande stands for comfort and convenience. We believe that affordability should not come at the cost of a memorable experience. Our rooms are designed to provide you with a cozy retreat after a day of meetings or exploration. At Kaypees Grande, we understand that more than reaching a specific destination, travel is about the journey and the experiences along the way. Our tour and travel services are curated to explore, ensuring that every moment of your trip is filled with joy and discovery.


Kaypees Grande redefines the narrative of luxury hotels in Kochi. Our commitment to providing the best services at affordable rates makes us the ideal choice for those seeking comfort, convenience, and luxury.