The brand new hotel in Kochi, Kaypees Grande is well known for its luxury and hospitality. It is one of the top luxury hotels in Edappally that promises a wonderful experience. Even the restaurant of Kaypees is a class apart. Every restaurant has something that makes them unique. In some restaurants, exceptional services given to the guests are so welcoming. Some may find the interiors enchanting. Some people may even find the aroma interesting. Many people fall in love with various cuisines. Many restaurants today are on a constant journey to provide a top-notch experience to their guests. Restaurants that are an amalgamation of all these are difficult to find.  Even when it comes to luxury hotels, the quality of restaurants is so important.

Let us look at some features of wonderful restaurants.


The ambience of the restaurant makes all the difference. Creating a pleasant atmosphere is possible by including light music, great artwork on the wall, beautiful lighting and so on. Some restaurants are notable for their interior designs. Some create a colour theme. A proper blend of everything creates a perfect ambience. Being one of the leading luxury hotels in Kochi, we have created a perfect ambience for our guests.


Guests are the priority in restaurants, especially when it comes to the restaurants of luxury hotels. They pay not just for the food, but also for the impeccable services. Thus it is important to treat your guests with maximum attention and care. Some of the services that can be seen in such restaurants are serving wine, escorting the guests, replacing napkins when required etc. Being one of the best hotels in Kochi, we provide exceptional services to our guests.


Great serving captures the hearts of the people. Thus best services offered by the servers such as explaining the complete menu without referring. People also take note of the help the servers provide and how entertaining they are. Maintaining a pleasant face helps the guests feel at ease and they will be more comfortable. They will know everything about the best wines and cocktails. Providing the top services at restaurants is a career.


A good restaurant will know the current trends in food. Modern food habits and new varieties of food are to be included in the menu. The experienced chefs know what to incorporate and what not. they will have good creativity and can understand the needs of the people. The attraction is serving fresh foods prepared in different unique ways. The guests should feel to try the food when they hear the names. We, being the top luxury hotel near lulu mall, serve special Kerala cuisine including different varieties of seafood, and fish delicacies such as karimeen delicacies.


Numerous fine restaurants make a great deal of profit through the sale of wines. Before having great food, some may want to begin with a bottle of wine. Some restaurants may offer the ideal pair of wine and food. Wines in such places will be available in different ranges.