Stay with Luxury Facilities at Kochi

Visiting Kaypees Grande will make you feel that getting luxury services are not always costly. Yes, you will get to enjoy luxury services at Kaypees Grande at affordable prices, that too at the heart of Kochi. We believe that best luxury hospitality begins with an ability to read guests’ emotions. This will help us to anticipate how a guest is most likely to react to any kind of situation or interaction. By providing best services, Kaypees Grande is the leading luxury hotel in Kochi prepared by many people.

For hotel guests, getting luxury means truly personalized services. We demonstrate to our customers that we value their individual qualities. At Kaypees Grande, we offer amenities that are specific to the requirements and interests of our guests. We aim to enhance our clients’ experiences by providing exceptional services.

Range of Well-Designed Rooms and Suites

Rooms and suites are the major things that we look for when we are choosing to stay in a hotel. Kaypees Grande is providing different sets of rooms and suites from which customers can choose their kind. No matter what is the reason for customers for staying at the hotel, they will usually crave for an opportunity to relax and unwind. We treat the customers with the epitome of luxury with deluxe experiences. Kaypees Grande is the luxury hotel near Lulu mall and is convenient to reach many major destinations of Ernakulam from here.

Creating a Seamless Experience with our Services

We provide excellent facilities and services with our dedicated team. Rooms are suites are kept clean and hygienic and is cleaned well to keep you away from any infective diseases. Similarly, the beddings and other facilities in the room are well kept to ensure comfort to the customers. All sorts of facilities like a/c rooms, doctor on call, multi-cuisine foods, easy transport services, etc. are available here.

Clients are able to get excellent services and a seamless experience at Kaypees Grande. Our hotel is located at the heart of Kochi, at the centre of Edappally. It is near to many major economic and commercial destinations in Kochi. This makes it as a convenient hotel to stay for many business owners and other business professionals. Kaypees Grande is one of the leading business hotels in Kochi providing services at the best. We are providing best and comfortable services that too at affordable prices without compromising on the quality of services that we provide.