Why Kaypees Grande is the Perfect Venue for Your Next Event

It is essential to select the right place when planning an event. A meeting for the employees, wedding ceremony, and private party; a site gives the atmosphere of the entire celebration. At Kaypees Grande we boast big time over our hosting experiences during events hence making us one of the best hotels in Kochi for all types of meetings. This is why you should consider our hotel as your next event’s destination.

Prime Location

Choosing the right venue is very important for any successful event. No matter whether it is a corporate meeting, a wedding or a private celebration, the venue often defines the character of the entire occasion. At Kaypees Grande, we are proud to be known for providing unmatched event hosting experience, making us the Best hotel in Kochi to have any sort of meeting. Here is what makes our hotel the best place for this occasion. You get the added advantage of having one of India’s biggest shopping malls near you if you decide to host your event here. The posh hotel close to Lulu Mall makes sure visitors have a chance to window shop around thus amplifying their experience.

Versatile Event Spaces

We understand that every event is special and needs to be treated uniquely at Kaypees Grande. Consequently, we have various adaptable event spaces meant for different types of parties. Grand or small wedding ceremonies can take place here while diners can come meet together for long tables banquet dinners. The spaces have got the latest audio visual technology for events so that things go smoothly for you. Our team is committed to helping clients create their dreams as well as paying attention to all minor aspects.

Luxurious Accommodation

The top priority while hosting an event would be to provide your guests with comfortable rooms that are luxurious. The elegantly designed Ernakulam hotel rooms of Grand Kaypees promise a relaxing stay. In addition, our rooms are furnished with modern amenities that will make your visitors’ stay happy and unforgettable. All the requirements of your guests at home that are our motto – from soft bedding and high-quality Wi-Fi connections to round-the-clock room services.

Exceptional Dining Experience

The quality of the food and drinks is what makes for a memorable event. Kaypee’s Grande is known for having an extraordinary dining experience. Within our premises, we have a restaurant which provides a variety of dishes, some of which are native while others are from far-off countries, and have been prepared by skilled cooks. In case one wishes his event to have a given theme or style, we have personalized catering services available for any type of function. Our culinary team guarantees your guests an unforgettable dining experience through sumptuous buffets, as well as elegant plated dinners.

Impeccable Service

We stand out among other hotels in Kochi due to our high-standard customer care at Kaypees Grande. Our team has the necessary experience; they are polite and ready to assist you in creating an environment without any problems during the event. As soon as the first visitors come, until the moment of departure from the ceremony, we offer our customers all personal attention within our reach so that each specific requirement is met in a quick and elegant way.

Book Your Event at Kaypees Grande Today

It is important to choose the right venue for every event to be successful, and Kaypees Grande offers luxury, convenience, and impeccable service. Our hotel is the best choice for your next event because we have the perfect location near Lulu Mall, different venue sizes, good food, and service that is attentive and personalized at all times

Expect nothing less from Kaypees Grande but an unforgettable experience for you and your guests, proving once again why we are considered among one of the top Luxury hotels in Kochi