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Budget Friendly Stays for Family Vacations in Kochi

At Kaypees Grande, we comprehend the essence of a memorable family vacation and the significance of finding an ideal budget-friendly hotel in Kochi. If you are travelling with your family including kids, your budget might always go well as planned. It is not always possible to put a margin on budget on spending for food […]

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Essential Features of Business Hotels

Kaypees Grande understands the distinct needs of corporate travellers and offers unmatched amenities and services in our rooms in Edappally, positioning us among the finest business hotels in Edappally. Catering to the preferences of business travellers requires a keen understanding of their requirements, and we prioritize these essentials in our services and facilities. The Backbone […]

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Your Gateway to Experience Luxury and Comfort

Welcome to the opulent world of Kaypees Grande, the luxury hotel near Lulu Mall in Kochi, where elegance meets comfort, and indulgence knows no bounds. If you are seeking refined accommodations or exploring the allure of luxury hotels, prepare to immerse yourself in a world of sophistication and amazing hospitality. Discover Unparalleled Hospitality Imagine a […]

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Choosing the Perfect Hotel for Your Business Meeting

At Kaypees Grande, we understand the importance of choosing the right hotel for your business meeting. Whether you are seeking hotels in Kochi near Lulu Mall that can provide you with the best services whether it is a vacation stay or hosting a meeting we are here to guide you through the essential factors to […]

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Exploring Jew Town and Spice Market

Welcome to Kaypees Grande, where luxury meets exploration, and every stay is a journey of discovery. Our hotel stands as a beacon of opulence, offering not just a stay but an immersive experience. Starting with a relaxing stay at our hotel we invite you to delve into the enchanting world of Jew Town and the […]


Redefining Luxury with Comfort and Convenience

When it comes to luxury hotels in Edappally, Kochi, Kaypees stands as a gem among them. Our luxury hotel is setting new standards in the realm of opulence and comfort. Let us discover what makes Kaypees one of the finest hotels in Kochi. Location and Accessibility One of the standout features of Kaypees Grande is […]

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Proximity Meets Grandeur at Kochi

Kochi, often known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, has become a bustling hub of commerce and culture. Amidst its vibrant landscape, Kaypees Grande stands as an epitome of luxury and comfort. Strategically located near Lulu Mall, one of the largest shopping and entertainment destinations in Kochi, Kaypees Grande offers an unparalleled experience. Let’s […]

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Selecting the Ideal Hotel Location for Your One-Day Vacation

Kaypees Grande is where luxury meets convenience in the heart of Kochi. In this blog, we’ll be your guide in choosing the perfect hotel location to complement your one-day vacation. Whether you’re looking for rooms near Lulu Mall Kochi, exploring Ernakulam, or seeking budget-friendly options in Kochi, we’ve got you covered.   Understanding the Importance […]

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A luxurious Paradise in Kochi

When it comes to luxury and comfort in Kochi, Kaypees Grande stands top among the rest. Conveniently located near Lulu Mall Kochi, this stunning hotel redefines luxury and is the ultimate choice for discerning travellers seeking the best in accommodation. Why Kaypees Grande stands out Located in the heart of the city, it offers a […]

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Discover The Ideal Choice for Hotel Rooms in Ernakulam

Look no further than Kaypees Grande for the ideal place to stay during your visit to Kochi. Kaypees Grande offers a magnificent experience that caters to all traveler’s demands and is conveniently located near Lulu Mall, one of Kochi’s prime shopping and leisure locations. Whether you’re looking for ample space near Lulu Mall Kochi or […]