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The brand new hotel in Kochi, Kaypees Grande is well known for its luxury and hospitality. It is one of the top luxury hotels in Edappally that promises a wonderful experience. Even the restaurant of Kaypees is a class apart. Every restaurant has something that makes them unique. In some restaurants, exceptional services given to […]

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Hotel for a Convenient Stay at Kochi

  We would like to stay at a comfortable and convenient place especially when we are on a trip. For most of us, our home will be comfortable. We will wish to have a place to stay where we feel at home. At Kaypees Grande, we always focus to provide the best hospitality services, and […]

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What to consider in your business hotel?

You might believe that it doesn’t really matter what kind of hotel you choose when travelling for business and staying overnight. It’s fine as long as there’s a bed and somewhere to shower in the morning. You are, however, completely incorrect. When it comes to a good business hotel, there is a lot to think […]

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Be it a business trip or a vacation, it’s important to find standard accommodation that caters to all your needs. If you are searching for the best luxury hotel near lulu mall, the Kaypees Grande could make for a good choice. Nestled at the heart of Kochi, Kaypees Grande is one of the best destinations […]

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Luxury Accommodation and Facilities

Are you travelling to kochi and looking for a comfortable stay near the Lulu Mall? Here’s why Kaypee’s Grande , should be your first choice. From country house elegance to contemporary chic, there is a fabulous choice of luxury accommodation in the heart of kochi. With a traditional viewpoint and unmatched services and amenities, we […]

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Stay with Luxury Facilities at Kochi

Visiting Kaypees Grande will make you feel that getting luxury services are not always costly. Yes, you will get to enjoy luxury services at Kaypees Grande at affordable prices, that too at the heart of Kochi. We believe that best luxury hospitality begins with an ability to read guests’ emotions. This will help us to […]

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Stay Comfortable on Your Business Trip

Business trips are very important in the life of a business man. It may be the trip for getting new beginnings, new client or new works. Hence staying in comfort is important. Cochin is the commercial capital of Kerala and there many business enterprises here. There is may have a number of meetings or any […]

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Reasons Why You Should Choose Kaypees Grande For Your Stay

We may travel to different countries or different places for business or leisure. After the travel, you will need a place to lay your head in a comfortable place. It is important to note that, the accommodation facility which you choose will make or break your entire trip. That is why, you should be aware […]