What is so Special About Kochi?

Kochi is the Queen of the Arabian Sea. This commercial, financial and industrial capital of India has much to flaunt. The southwest coastline of Kerala is imbued with picturesque destinations. It is the place where people from all the districts meet. This busy town and the commercial city have attracted tourists for years. Kaypees Grande, the luxury hotel near Lulu mall, is located in the heart of Kochi, making it a wonderful place to stay in the city. Kochi was the major hub of the world spice trade for centuries. Moreover, Old Kochi is a special place as it comprises island groups such as Fort Kochi, Mattancherry, Willingdon island, etc.

Marine Drive

Marine Drive is the favorite place of both the local people as well as the tourists. A walk through the place as well as enjoying its scenic beauty is a popular activity among the people of Kochi. The views of the backwaters and Kochi harbor are breathtakingly beautiful. People like to take a stroll through Marine Drive especially around the evening time as well as night to enjoy the climate. A tour around the beach will give you many beautiful views. It is a good place to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee. A boat ride is a perfect activity that you can indulge in. You can stay in Kaypees, one of the best hotels in Kochi, and visit all the nearby places as it is located in Edappally town.

Chinese Nets

The beautiful Chinese fishing nets are inevitably a major specialty of Kochi. And this is also a must-visit place… The people in Kochi believe that these gorgeous fishing nets were gifted by a 14th-century Chinese explorer named Zheng He to the locals. What’s more interesting is that the fishermen teach the tourists how to use these nets for a small payment. Tourists can also taste wonderful meals and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Kochi Ferry Rides

A prevalent activity in Kochi that tourists never want to miss is the ferry ride. We provide the top rooms in Kochi that ensure a luxury stay. It gives an opportunity to enjoy a serene ride through the estuary. The ferry also helps to enjoy a silent atmosphere away from the busy atmosphere of city life. The ride through the cruise ships enables one to see the small islands of Kochi such as Vypeen islands, Vallarpadam, Willingdon, etc. taking a boat cruise lets you experience the enchanting sights such as a beautiful evening sky, the various shades of orange, and many more. Among the islands of Kochi, Willingdon is the largest and is surrounded by rich greenery. Whereas Vypeen has the cleanest beaches where the tourists can enjoy a comforting sunbath.

Though these are the top places to visit in Kochi, there are various beautiful places to visit and experience. These are Kodanad elephant sanctuary, aesthetic kathakali performance, Jewish synagogue, Folklore Museum, Jew town, Jew street, Fort Kochi, Thripunithara palace, Kumbalangi, various malls, and many more.